I earned an M.A. in English focused on technical communication from New Mexico State University in 2003 and decided to pursue a teaching career in higher education. Later, I earned an MSW in clinical social work from New Mexico Highlands University. I have instructed graduate and undergraduate level courses in many different subjects, including composition, technical writing, social work, public speaking, and psychology. I enjoy teaching diverse populations and at risk students. I am experienced in face-to-face instruction as well as online course development and delivery.

Teaching Philosophy

Student Centered
Students bring rich narratives and contexts to the classroom. As a teacher, I build on student experiences and encourage them to add depth and newness to what they already know. I focus on meeting the students where they are at, and making courses accessible to all levels of learners. I listen to students and provide a safe atmosphere where students can build upon their own stories and develop additional competencies.

I believe in learning communities where students, instructors, and the communities they are in grow dynamic dialogues and experiences. This can be in an in-person or online environment, and students are encouraged to expand their conversations to outside the classroom and into real world capacities. As a teacher, I am responsive to students, and I speak with each one of them to assure a vibrant learning network.

Content Rich
All students deserve teachers who are experts in their fields. I make great efforts to stay current in my areas of expertise, provide resources, and engage in scholarship. I offer my work as a gift to those around me, and I believe in honesty and transparency. I am also confident that learning can take place in many different mediums, and the medium of choice by the learner is to be cultivated.

Courses Instructed

            English 099: Basic Grammar and Usage (developed online course)

            English 102: English Composition (developed and instructed online)

            English 104: Composition and Research (developed and instructed online)

            English 105: Writing in the Workplace

            English 201: Types of Literature: Drama

            English 201: Types of Literature: Novel (developed and instructed online)

            English 210: Experiential Learning Portfolio

            English 211: Introduction to Literature

            English 233: Professional and Technical Writing (instructed online)

            English 268A: Workshop in English: Grant Writing (instructed online)

            English 268B: Workshop in English: Creative Writing

            English 270: Southwest Literature (developed and instructed online)

            English 299: Capstone Portfolio (developed and instructed online)

            Communications 101: Interpersonal Communication (instructed online)

            Communications 102: Public Speaking

            Communications 103: Introduction to Grant Writing (instructed online)

            Business 211: Business Communication

            Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology

            Psychology 134: Psychology of Adjustment

            Sociology 212: Contemporary Social Issues

             Sociology 215: Marriage and the Family

             Sociology 217: Introduction to Women’s Studies

             Sociology 218: Empowering Women

             Social Work 7140: Intro to Organizational and Community Practice