Creative Work

“Behind everyone, there are at least two shadows. Some have even more. […] The shadows on the ground are like folding fans. Looking at them makes me dizzy. […] It takes a lot of strength for me to focus my eyes enough to pull the doubled shadows into one. Of course, this isn’t at all pleasurable. […] All of you are so smug. It’s ridiculous! If I tell the truth, you’ll be furious again. You’ll think I’m a mayfly. You’ll agree with each other by exchanging understanding glances in order to set your minds at ease.”
― Can Xue

I have been writing since I was young. I consider writing a mysterious, almost sacred life work. I make creative, academic, and technical pieces. My work is opening into experimental, hybrid, and found forms. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English. My experimental text-visual pieces have appeared in and are pending publication in several journals.

glassgardenscartaccininm 75 300dpi
Ardell Scartaccini Glass Garden; Golden, New Mexico

Work includes:

  • experimental text-visual
  • grant proposals for the arts, humanities, and non-profit organizations
  • artist statements, biographies, and curatorial descriptions
  • analytic writing in the humanities and social sciences
  • collaborative technical communication with SMEs
  • academic writing
  • book reviews
  • website development and content

Links to select experimental work: